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How To Survive A Hospital Stay
First of all, do not eat the food
Ignore the doctors
For they are our friends,
but do not trust them.
Think about throwing the little crying children out of the window
And gaze into your surroundings
at the streets below and sky above
Play games, like name as many words that start with the letter "L."
And laughing lions
Large lamps
or lightning linear lines
While in the bathroom, count the ceramic tiles
Drink all the apple juice
And fill the rubber gloves with water,
Yes now we have RGWB'S, no not a disease,
but a Rubber Glove Water Balloon.
When done with the first lesson,
now turn on the foreign TV station,
and make believe you enjoy the music
Then call another patient's room and annoy them
After that, of course, move your bed up and down, until it breaks
Then press the button for the nurse,
When she comes, "Oh, sorry, I just wanted to know if it worked."
Last but not least, sit by the window and look as the scene
The cops nailed another one
The truck delivered it's bandaids
The Mercedes and Jags, and Lexuses and BMWs all roll in
The people flirting
and the bum drinking
Then you glance up, see your reflection in the glass
and then you realize and say, "Why God, why me?"

 1998 David Greg Harth