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How We Fall
Starts with one taking note
Of the other's reproduction
Of the other's seduction

Starts with one taking notice
Of the other's stride
Of the other's narcissistic pride

Starts with one taking notation
Of the other's plump lips
Of the other's curved hips

Starts with a symphony
An exchange of climactic harmony
Starts with a sail set free in the wind
A tryst where two have truly sinned

Continues with a gaze at beautiful eyes
A trace of fingers on soft thighs
Continues with midnight calls
Until finally heaven's rain falls

Its how we fall
Like a river running wild
Like a mother bearing child

Its how we fall
Like an exploding volcanic eruption
Like a heart free of corruption

Its how we fall
When your soul becomes my soul
And my soul becomes your soul
We have fallen

 2010 David Greg Harth