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Jesus Christ
a superstar
He parted those seas
red of blood
Moses, my hero
The army men
shot down
The cross
burn him bad
i love that beach
where you have been
sitting in the sun
no religion too
its easy if you try
so try it
you'll like it
art is fun
for you and me
put me aside
at your side
feel the warmth
the image

your eyes
woman of the night
penetrate my mind
invade thy thought
come inside
the darkness is yours tonight

your eyes
mystery is your middle name
sea of rust
sea of dust
take me now
to that peaceful place
full of butterflies
and bluejay birds
full of dandelions
and sunflowers too

take me to that beach
where you lay upon
show me the way
to your heart
maybe ill discover
what i never believed in
maybe ill discover

turn on the light
after the night
turn on the light
after the shag
light up a ciggie
take a glass
of water tonight

sleep tonight
sleep without me...
sleep with me...
cuddle in my arms....


a hug is yours...

 1997 David Greg Harth