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I'm Forgetting
I'm forgetting those moments and mysteries
Those violations and transitions
Those constellations and presentations

I forget to pause
To think and breathe
I forget to live life

I forget your name, I forget your face
I forget what you smell like and how your voice sounds

I forget this fantasy, this dynasty
I forget the past, the present
I forget to dream and forget my purpose and forget the drive

I forget the milk, I forget the eggs
I forget to call, I forget to write

I'm forgetting everything
My numbers, my phone, my address, my book
My place, my birth, my time, my location

I'm forgetting my senses
I'm forgetting my reasons
I'm forgetting my songs, my disease, my search
I'm forgetting my love, my loneliness, my capital, my gain

I forget which road to take, which path to walk
Which turn to take, which switch to operate
Which signal to read, which offer to take

I'm forgetting everything beyond everything
My left from right, and right from left
My bible, my pencil, my pen, my paper

I'm forgetting the lyrics, forgetting the birthdays
I'm forgetting my appointments, forgetting my meetings
I'm forgetting each time, every time, future time

I'm forgetting this, that, and this and that
I'm forgetting what its like
I'm forgetting where to go
I'm forgetting what to do

I forget my place and forget my memory
I forget nothing to everything
I forget how to end
I'm forgetting to forget
And I forget the forgetting

 2009 David Greg Harth