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American Nation
Time for a forward movement,
Create a constant revolution.
End the second's reign,
And innocent's persecution!

I cut off my tongue,
If thats what it takes.
It's worth one more life,
Corruption like snakes!

I repeat my bedtime chant,
Numb teeth forgotten.
Parks sat in front,
Seale ain't pickin' cotton.

Bomb ticking before nine,
Give him peaches without blow.
Let him meet Dr. Joseph-Ignace's fist,
United we will grow!

I chant, I pray,
Let Tatanka Iyotake come back.
Get my people,
I pledge it's time for an attack!

Gather your battle arms,
Sound your fury.
Bring down the regime,
The citizens are the jury!

 2007 David Greg Harth