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I Cry
Because you have won
You are a winner

All I can do is lose
And I have lost

I cry because I cant dance
I watch you sway back and forth
But my legs wont move, wont step

Because you are a winner

I am restrained to this bed
Broken glass in your footsteps

You cant walk to me
Beneath this radiating iridescent light
Above Eleven stories, so many untold
Bullet wounds forgotten

I'm not allowed to pray to God here
Just count the tiles
And forget the Love
Wish I was in,
Wish I was in

You are a great winner, remember that?
The January Spring air
The January Honey dip

Directions given
Didn't take a drink
Thought you might hide the pills
Punch you in the face

Now all left behind
Nothing is hidden
Come see me now
See what I'm made of
And I'll show you the actions of love
The visuals of love
The feelings of love
But, you'll never quote me...

 2002 David Greg Harth