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I Don't Know (Version 1)
I didn't know what to do
I was afraid of where I was heading
I couldn't recall my name

I didn't know how she felt
I was unaware of the possible outcomes
I couldn't think straight in this state

I didn't know about the past
I was blind to the truth
I couldn't pretend anymore

I didn't know my own history
I was in an unfamiliar deepness
I couldn't see the light

I didn't know how to react
I was covered in my own cause
I couldn't recover from my illness

I didn't know where to turn
I was in trouble with my one and only law
I couldn't come around and share

I didn't know who I was
I was wishing too hard when the dream collapsed
I couldn't build myself to recognition

So in the world alone
In the world that not one person on earth can even imagine
or know about
or even begin to ponder
I hung myself
I jumped infront of the train
I cut my wrists
and became your memory

 2000 David Greg Harth