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I Forgot About You
In this transparent world
Birds take flight into the amber sky
People try to follow their lead and their head
Their wings of wax and feathers disintegrate
They plummet to their early deaths

In this transparent world
Men light themselves on fire before the women
Reduced ash, skull bashed, broken, cracked
Summer ruins pile high in rivers of blood
They all wish to get wed upon midnight's soil

In this transparent world
You would think she would realize what she had
Instead, she made him shrivel up and turn to yesterday's leftovers
It was his heart, now served on a platter of gold and silver
Roses strewn about the path walked by his father before him

In this transparent world
Wild animals run among lost kingdoms
Kisses await and vows taken to the grave
She was all you wanted for a decade's time
Until discovery led you to another woman's heart

In this transparent world
Now she has your heart, and you've forgotten all else
Including her.

2007 David Greg Harth