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Amusement Ride
Is this some kind of fuckin amusement ride?
I we here for fuckin entertainment?

I've written about this before,
and I feel like I must write again,
because it bothers me so incredibly much.

Why cant people walk down the down escalator?
Why do they feel compelled to stand still and ride down the down escalator?
Are they really that fuckin lazy?
Do they really have to block me?
I donąt understand.
Before escalators there were stairs, and they had to walk.
Now they are too fuckin lazy to fuckin walk one flight of stairs?

It's not a fuckin theme park!
There are no fuckin tropical birds to look at or corn fields to admire.
Its a fuckin god damn escalator!
Fuckin walk down the fuckin thing!

This is driving me nuts!
Something has to be done about this!
Someone must stop the insanity!

I think I'm going to start pushing people down the escalator
then eventually just rid them from this planet.
Fuckin murder these stupid fuckers who cant fuckin walk down the fuckin god damn fuckin down escalator!

© 2002 David Greg Harth