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And Then The Rain Came
The sun came up
The trees made shadows
The pavement, dark, cool

The sun made patterns
Between the leaves
It fell,
To the ground

The sun came up
Over the hill,
Beyond the lake

The sun came up,
A beauty layed
She layed there,
On the blanket

She layed there,
Her hair glistened in the sun
Her eyes sparkled in the sun

She layed there,
But not emotionless,
she layed there; still

A woman; like a satute
One to admire, one to respect, one to honor

Where the heart is and the sunshine flows
Where the sense is
Where the fountain of holding is

She is there, on that blanket
She is there, dressed in white
She is there, calm, and quite
She is there, wanting a hug

I took a walk one day
I saw that beauty
On that blanket
On that great grassy green field
Infront of the hills, below the sunshine

I took a walk one day
I saw her
That beauty
But where is she?
I can not see her.

And then the rain came.

 1997 David Greg Harth