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I May Have To Stick My Tongue Out In The Rain
Found you in the spring,
Just across the Rhine.
I got down on one knee,
And I proposed to dine.

It takes courage,
I must confess.
Started so young,
My profession is a mess.

Now I like pussy,
And i like cock.
Don't let this be,
Your system's shock.

The rain followed me,
Ten paces to Downing Street.
You signed, you hired,
I am complete.

Shattered and compelled,
Slipped it inside.
No one knows and no one owes,
You aren't even my bride.

Stepped down tomb's door,
Heard you behind Cape's heart.
Take your teeth to my back,
Steal my heart, tear me apart.

I filled out the application,
Accept my audition.
I examined her daughter,
Her father is a mortician.

Let the popular die alone,
It's a square mile I yearn.
Erect the immoral statue,
Deliver me in a wooden urn.

In you I shall confide,
You are my disloyal friend.
Last year's worms,
They come and transcend.

Monogamous insects advance,
Single notes display affection.
Portray eighth decade's horror.
I end in a hidden infection.

Last man's plea,
My divine is the third.
Extract my love for you,
I speak my silent word.

 2007 David Greg Harth