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I remember
I remember watching the snowfall beneath the street lamp
While I hoped for the death of education at tomorrow's first sunrise

I remember fucking the cocaine high mother
While her hubby with a stache jerked off while on-looking

I remember burning ants with a magnify glass as a kid
While hearing their pops and smelling their skin toast

I remember my big plastic green army machine gun
While playing army man at war in my treelined backyard

I remember the squirrel that chewed up electric lines
While I brought one as a gift in a bag for a friend

I remember the ones who said no
While I continue to kneel down and ask for forgiveness

I remember recording their conversations
While I masturbated to their smelly dates

I remember playing tic-tacs
While being psychic

I remember seeing the elder guy fuck the bonded one
While I on-looked the fat mans praise

I remember Valentine's and open air January
While winter came and gone

I remember pinning moths after the catch
While spreading their powder and glisten across my fingers

I remeber watching peace
While nails came out of doors

I remember spray-painting 'GASM' on cement
While the stream sparkled and frogs leaped and croaked

I remember my big wheels
While skidding in the gravel dirt at the circle

I remember being pulled over by a trooper
While a semi-automatic was being fired just across my head

I remember writers taking cabs
While others talked dollars around round tables

I remember cows being tipped
While I told stories of lies

I remember my father in a limo
While dark race traveled through words of conduct on Broadway streets

I remember wet dreams in fantasy sheets
While urine tests proved nothing

I remember your face as you read my poetry
While I connected dots to satisfy your wet one

I remember your analyzation of my soul
While I take a bullet between my bitten teeth

I remember the love you have given
While I refused to listen

I remember the god in florida
While I was a little kid who packaged large ones

I remember stealing plastic whores of fat drunken pigs
While skeptical apples knew of my existence

I remember falling in deep shit
While the shit didnąt even recognize my face

I remember your thoughts and feelings
While I write this damn mother fucker today

© 1998 David Greg Harth>NJ->NJ07430