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I Think I Love You
I think I love you
When I am willing
To penetrate
To end all wars
To meet your parents
To grow up in your arms
To taste your tears
To borrow your past
And bury your relatives

I think I love you
When I am afraid
To become a new born
To tear down your walls inside
To reach out and touch your heart
To climax forever
To enter a new realm
To climb a trail of heavenly love

I think I hate you
Now and forever
I will hate you until
The end of the world
The end of my time
The end of molestation
And Impregnation
The end of revolution
And juxtaposition
The end of my time
As a Necropheliac
And as a Transsexual
As a Nymphomaniac
And as a Pyromaniac
As a Pathological Liar
And as your God

I am afraid
Of the dark
And your large cock
I am afraid
Of Love
To Love
To be Loved

I think I love you

 1997 David Greg Harth