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Illustrating Love
Let me draw the ways,
That I love thee.
Haven't I yet pointed out the dozens?
Multiple indications?
Haven't I wed your soul?

Let me show you,
I'll bring out these diagrams and charts.
Presentations and reports.
I'll bring out the scale
I'll bring out the tape measure.
We'll weigh my heart, we'll measure my hugging span.

Haven't I already told you?
Wrote you and spoke to you?
Written to you and whispered to you?
Haven't I elevated my heart above the rest?
Haven't I begged and wept enough?

My love for you
It's an endearing illustration
Drawn only from my wanting ache
Don't let the charcoal disappear.
Don't let the brushes stiffen.
Don't let the oils harden.

My love for you
It's an everlasting wet appetite.
Constantly being drawn
Through this constellation journey,
This blossoming creation,
This blissful companionship,
We call love.

 2007 David Greg Harth