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Imagine (My Heart)
I want you to imagine
Just for a moment
Imagine Iım taking out my heart
Im pulling the pulsating muscle
Out through my breast bone
Out through my chest
I pull out my heart
And place it on the table beside me

I want you to imagine
My heart still beating
On the table it sits
With holes and gorges in it
And punctures and concave valleys
All these dents and bruises
For all those who pretended to display

I want you to imagine
My heart on this table
And I want you to imagine
What is in my hands

In my hands I hold destruction
I pour gasoline on my heart
And light the pulsing wonder to flames
I burn it to a crisp
Blackened and charchoaled
It still beats

Imagine with me
I take out a six-inch knife
And stab the still throbbing heart
Continuously over and over
I sever the heart multiple times
With liasions spreading rapidly
It continues to beat

Still not complete
I take a .38 and aim
Shooting bullets through the heart
Through the wild beast that beats so rapidly
The heart still beats

I want you to imagine
I take that burnt, stabbed, shot
And I stretch open my chest
And carefully place it back
To its secret chamber

I want you to imagine
For only a moment

İ1998 David Greg Harth