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In Honor
Look carefully at the warrior I have become
Loyal, selfless and true
Back and forth, I am not quite through

I appear before your next inhale
I disappear before you exhale
I am the air you breathe
I am the wind that carries you

I elapse time between you
I create history beside you

I am the ground that rattles beneath your feet
I am the battle that rages in your heart
I am your unconscious decision

I will reveal my destruction and courage
My addiction, dedication and strong will

It is my destiny, my passion, my instruction
I am noble, brave, and fearless

I am exiled from your world
Filled with power, I come in death
I defy categorization, gravity, and emotion.
I conquer your heart, and become your love

I protect the innocent
Care for the aged
I spawn the non-existent
Cherish the forgotten

I pass through inanimates
Drift above cloudy skies
And in a moment's time
I am gone without a trace

 2010 David Greg Harth