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Intricate Ear
Her Intricate Ear
Delicate with surrounding beauty
She would listen closely and lean inwards
But never dig or dive deeper

She wanted me to display my love with words
My actions were not enough
Chasing after a dream
My imagination is torn

Knives are dug and twisted
Stabbed, as always, after opening up
Cried with warm shoulders
And a soft heart now hurt

Sometimes you feel like going away
For a long long time
To slip into the darkness
And fall like burning stars
Into the minds of all of those who have forgot

Sometimes you feel like slipping
Underneath the love
And discover the truth of love
Or the truth which lies within yourself

She listens with her Intricate Ear
Peach fuzz Ill hug and embrace
Ill cherish forever
And never forget

Now the fallen autumn leaves
Crunch beneath my footsteps
The wonderful scent rises up
Forcing me back to dreamland

I dream of her Intricate Ear
The wonders inside that dwell
And come out on occassion
In a glance or smile or spoken word

My dream will only fall
When the new ones come out
And the fresh leaves of spring
Introduce new music to my heart

 1999 David Greg Harth @ 296 NYC @ 296 NYC @ 296 NYC