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Intrusion Thief
I like these blood-stained sheets.
Wrap myself in them.
Sleep in them nightly.
Surround myself with your scent.
Your smell and your stink.

My lips shiver and my stomach aches.
You stole my heart and went out west.
Leaving me behind in mountains of dirt.
Lying cold among your leftovers.

You have sinned and I have my pride.
Turned around and conquered my voices.
Ruling two towers due south.
There is no bank in my mind which you now capture.

Long gone and barely remembered.
Abandoned me one early morning.
Left me in the dark of not knowing.
Missing you like it was the last love on earth.

In the dimly lit room you pulled me from my knees.
Brought me up and raised me erect.
Reached inside with a sword of a slayer.
Bore a hole in my heart, left undone.

I am the Father.
Forever lost, we will be one.
You have stolen seed embedded.
After asking for reception.
Never a redemption.

 2004 David Greg Harth