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It Is A Good Day
Traveling through the states of my land.
Following my path to find my beloved.

Across mountains of earth and rivers of birth.
I moved through the woods and through the valleys.

My partner awaited me in the high desert sun.
She called my name again and again.

I sucked poisonous rattle snake venom out of my limbs.
I lived with my brothers among wolf packs in the wild.

Nightly I danced around the flames of the fire.
Like a crazy horse chasing his tail.

Through the fields of golden still wheat.
Beyond the trenches of my empty ache.

Visions of her kept my path clear.
Struggling among dirt of the mother.

Finally I arrived to her beautiful side.
Put on my dress and placed on my paint.

Against the wind I approached my love.
An angel came down from the heavens.

She whispered in my ear.
"It is a good day to die."

So I took my pride and walked once more.
Great red of the core ate at my holy insides.

Drifting to my sleepless constant sleep.
My body became numb and my tongue ill.

I die a slow death becoming dead.
On this mighty good day under the same sky as she.

 2004 David Greg Harth