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Jacksun Polluck (Talk This, Talk That Revisited #2)
dun dun - dun dun - dun dun
dun dun dun

Jacksun Polluck
My potluck

Feel a bit Warholee?
Prime time colour Me!

Pin stripes
Smokin' pipes

Velvet girls of 4teen
Loosing feathers, what I mean

Elegant arrogant
She is so hesitant

Gracias Do
It meanta lot for me to go

8 Cathedrals and 1 Trojan Horse
In my pocket of course

Ice protector
Erection for her

Flat chested fake marriages
And cheetah languages

The sequence man, or warrior, or queer
Tongue Red-framed glasses showing no fear!

HOLY CRAP!! What nice leggs! (advert)
She makes me hurt!

Lady bare back
I'm gonna have a heartattack

Romantic wood
I'd be serious, if I could

Some gay boys
And girl toys

Plastic surgery
King of imagery

Lighted memory
Enchanted glamoury

Blue tunes
Cigar log flumes

Orange Man crossing my path
Just after the noon bath

Old busy poppy bags
Salt & Pepper hags

Blue eyes, blue dress - contact
I've been backed

What the fuck is that!? -
   That string around your neck!
Round-a-bout cat! -
   You look like a fuckin' wreck!

"Is it Beauty, or is it Art?"
"It's Art"
"Can they both co-exist with eachother?"
"Something to think about..."

Purple pusher, fuzzy man, sexy status, beg me tun, rafoss spiffy
tuxedo warrants, maniac laughter, Egyptian short tight silver skirts


PoeticK jazz
& jazz rain

dance to the jazz
the jazz
the jazz .....

 1998 David Greg Harth