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Jamaica Liberation Movement (JLM)
You don't need much;
A good job, a roof over your head, some food.
Is that Jesus I see at the subway door?
Or is that Che? Or Daniel from yesterday?

I'm joining the Jamaica Liberation Movement
It's something you should know about
As I begin to rid myself of these possessions 
No longer needed and no longer necessary

I'm disposing of all the ones not in use
No sense to have them with me
Even the Volvo must go
It's better I work for the district
And see the shows
From the Brighton Beach Q
From Afghanistan's long ass haul

I'm joining the Jamaica Liberation Movement
And I'm not coming home
I'll be gone forever
Even with broken glass knocking at my door
My back turned, I won't turn into Middle East seasoning

You don't have to trust me, take my word, or make any promises
A good listener always finds the faults
Who is to blame? Who takes responsibility?
With no one answering these questions, they exist unanswered

I've joined the Jamaica Liberation Movement. The JLM.
From Valeria of Panama to Cuba's hope.
From the injustice of my Brooklyn streets
To President Obama's incompetence
My laughter is here now, my pain is here now

I've joined the JLM. I'm not coming back. I'm not coming home.
You don't need much;
Just a good job, just a roof over your head, just some food.

 2010 David Greg Harth