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USS Grasp wont lift me out of the sea
The United States Citizens wont pay to fly my father via helicopter
to my crash site out in the ocean bed
At least now I know there is a big loft available in Tribeca
I could be doing lots of art there, and not be just a rich folk
How come I'm not famous?
Because my father didn't die?
Because my father didn't work for the government?
Maybe my father did more, if he saved one person from suicide, does that
make him famous? A hero?
Would you dive for me?
Would you dive for my dead father?
And his airplane?
Would the President give a damn?
Will Newspapers cover my death or will I be buried in lonesome without
public knowledge?
Will a Coast Guard ship ferry my father out to see my dead plane?
Will England and Australia and Japan write about my disappearance in the sea?
Why is it appropiate for the Navy to find them?
Arent we all equal? all human? Isnt there an Amendment?
If I contribute the birth of a child or a smile, is that not enough to save
my life?
Or now, my taxes, my money, must pay for the salvage of three I never knew?

I know what really happened, you see...
It was just a little Orgy.
You know the car fun, why not airplane fun?
JFK's wife was going down on him, giving head, on that airplane, now there dead.
Her sister got hot, and her panties, damn wet - before you know it, the
windows were foggy
and wha-la! JFK was going speedy, and kaboom! (remember that cereal?)
Allright, you may be disgusted, but we all know what happened.
It was a double murder-suicide.
You see - JFK was smackin' around his bitch. The bitch's sister interfered.
JFK lost his cool and punched her in the face and pushed and pushed and now
shes gone without a trace, he pushed her out of the plane
JFK knows he done wrong - so now he must beat his bitch out of the plane too
He beat and beat and killed two - thats a double murder on his plate - what
to do?
He didn't want fame nor George nor boats nor airports nor common sense,
murder just led him to heaven,
so he committed suicide after a double dutch!
And now i buy the papers, its what we call art,
or I use for kitty litter and abbey road junior can make a piss on.

How can you say, that the Kennedy family contributed more than the Harth family?
And this justifies why I spent my tax dollars on a man I never gave a damn
I would never get the USS Briscoe out to sea for my commitment
Now i have to go home and take a JFKjr highway home or bridge over waters?
And later plan my schedule to go around blocked streets because I'm paying
for the President to come to town to pay respect. Fuck that, Its a free
world, let me walk on the street, or If I do, ill be arrested?

I went on the online auctions today
Did you see them?
You can get the first issue of GEORGE magazine for currently $150
You can get the current issue of GEORGE magazine for currently $26
You can get the next month's issue of GEORGE magazine for currently $26
(with JFKjr on the cover!)
I got mine, did you get yours?
You can also buy domain names, like JFK-Jr.com and such, for five thousand,
fifteen thousand and twenty thousand dollars. Theres something I need!

I went to St. Patrick's Old Cathedral
Just a few blocks away
I was just there, a few weeks ago
Out on the street watching girls eat mangos and french films projected on
the church walls.
The old Irish lad came out and said it was a circus in there
Kind of like the media circus out here?
I heard the bag pipes
And took some photographs
The priest came out to those who couldn't get in, though those that were in,
were hot smelly sweaty pigs and dogs. With no airconditioning, the FDNY
went in often. And Con-Edison, that i payed for, set up uniqe
air-conditioning that didn't work.
The priest giving Communion. He came around. He placed a wafer in my hand,
circular with a cross in the middle. I saved it in my palm close to my
heart and now tomorrow, check out the online auctions Ill make a million
with it!!
After services i toured the church, couldn't find my art but lit a candle
for a friend.

I ran away and got more tape
I ran away and printed up signs
I trecked down to Tribeca where I posted signs on the Police barricade.
They said
(in small letters):
(in big letters):

A woman asked me, "What organization are you with?"
I replied, "None, I'm just Human."

But the press didn't like me.
Gave me weird looks
Yelled and called me names with sarcastic thankyous.
I took photos of my art and went on the waiting line.
Its time to fuck up the mainstream, and Ill start with my medium, the media.
so i went to the flower shrine in tribeca
waste of money flowers? how about all the dying children and cancer?
i left an "I AM AMERICA" bill there to lay
and on it I wrote
'In JFK we don't trust to fly us'
I have photos to prove it, Ill show you one day.
And I taped up all over the walls and flowers my signage to the press;

I passed the candles, american-flags, teddy-bears, signs, photos, children,
letters, drawings, paintings, guitars, caps, dead flowers, 20-dollar bills,
glitter, marker, ink, non-american flags, poetry, hands, flashes, elevator
shaft ways, and life
went back to my Police barricades and my signs were ripped down
The press doesnt like it when I fight back

So now I plead with you all
Realize today we play the bagpipes all together
Like the bumb on the corner making a dime
We once were told we were equal, but you see we are not.
Some pigs are more equal then other pigs

 1999 David Greg Harth @ Tribeca/New York City
Thankyou Pop Orwell