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Help me
As I lay here
I am dying slowly
You all know
I am in red
Covered in red
I am going down
In a hail of bullets
Like JFK and MLK
I wish I was Ghandi
I wish I was him
I wish I was Indian
I wish I was a spider
I wish I was a wolf
I wish I was a refrigerator
I wish I was you and not me
For I am dying
And you are not
I am dying
And you know
You are not helping
And neither are you
I plea
Take me to Neuro 12
You think I am wrong
When 33 is my number
She offered 200
I offered 300 to he
She was Bi, and he did not leave
He thought I was in the middle
I slammed on the car
I killed that cat
I brought him a squirrel
I eat the dead
And take from the living
I committed
I must be admitted
I will crush you all
With my teeth
Check my back
There is a knife back there
The Beatles are back
And I am crossing Abbey Road
Under 3 seconds
And I will kill you

So help yourself
Help me
Do not let me cross that bridge

I will cross the bridge
I will meet my lover
I will dive

Dive into heaven off the roof
Dive into my lover
My lover is death

Who is my lover?

I will tell you;


If I could, I would fuck death
If I could, I would fuck art

If I could, I would make world peace
I will,
by killing

 1996 David Greg Harth