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Julie & Meryl
Julie & Meryl
Are two lucky ladies
Two lesbian lovers
Loving in love

Julie & Meryl
Jam & Jelly
Cock-a-doodle doo
Laughter ruff ruff whooo!

Julie & Meryl
Smack my bottom
Meet you at the gallery
Ill be gathery 
Sigs from them and them

Julie & Meryl
Sitting in a carriage
Singing in a tree
Sweeping the cookies
Wish I was under her knee

Julie & Meryl
Silly girls at toe
Whose toe?
Tow my toe
I don't like or tell
Tell a tale
I have no tail!

Julie & Meryl
Meet you at blue
See you at two
Right over here and there

Julie & Meryl
Are two friendly ladies
Met em years ago
And now I've written Poe, a tree.

 2002 David Greg Harth