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Künstler Selbstmord
Women with razor blades
Art world confetti with blindness
Impersonators with hatchets
Employers with chainsaws
Lovers with incised war clubs

Self-inflicted amputations
Drowning in constant tears
Overshadowed in perfect sunlight
Daily migraines and hourly headaches
Teeth falling from the sky

Banquet of thieves
Matriarchy conspiracy
Endless masturbation
Sweet addictions
Pussy affections

Living a nightmare
Neurological disaster
Spiraling downfall
Refusal of participation
Concrete negativity
Searching for eleven
Attempting graphite
Tempting illegal love

Powerful reason gone
Three remain irrelevant
Writings incomplete
Tasting enemies
Symphonic conclusion
Crucial termination
Thy third alchemical step

 2011 David Greg Harth