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Have you ever know anyone that you've wanted to kiss,
and never gotten the chance to?

I have, Erich Bryan, Kurt Wullschelger, Nate Oborny (I kissed him, but
then I was mean to him the next day, fear of rejection, I was so
sure that he didn't like me), Ryan Laurance, Klaus Sanford,
Josh Hite (no I kissed him, I just wonder what a relationship with him
would be like, I know it wouldn't last but it might be fun for a while),
my dentist, my current studio teacher (that's against school rules),
Erik Meyer (now this one is WRONG because my besst friend has liked him
for a long time, but she's getting married now, so her loss)

When I was in the fifth grade I went to a school that was only 5th and 6th
graders, and all of my friends wanted me to go out with Brad, so I agreed
to it, but I didn't really like him, I liked a 6th grader, Clint Bennet,
he was a real loser, but I liked him, until he got on the bus one day with
a black eye, (I still liked him a little, but I was a little scared of him)
anyway, my friends asked Brad to go out with me, and he said some rude
things, of which I don't remember, must have blocked out of my memory,
so I haven't thought much of that boy since.

But when I was a junior in high school I liked Andy Smith, and my
teacher paired us up (she was a little crazy) we were going to do a video
in Spanish, and there were 6 guys in the class and a lot of girls.
well she paired us up and he yells "anyone but her please anyone but her"
and there were some really nasty girls in my Spanish class, but now he's fat
and i wouldn't ever go out with him, cause he is such a rude little ....

I guess the point is that I'm unlucky in love, but at least the guys who
didn't like me in the past are giving me a second look now.

 1999 David Greg Harth @ 296 New York City @ 296 New York City