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Las Vegas
City lights
People with delights
My inspiration
An old man's perspiration

It's a devil's book
A ladies look
Nighttime breast
A gambler's nest

In my memory
With a girl named Sherry
A car cruise
I'm going to loose

It's a desire
A slut for hire
It's a die
For the men in tie

Glorious shows
The city flows
Rich & poor
Clothes on the floor

Desert sky
I'm going to fry
Bush for dessert
She's going to hurt

Glitter, Gold, & the underground gun
Oh My God - What fun!

Rent-A-Car on the strip
The husband going to flip
The midnight shook

Nobody gay
Can you beat the heat?
Make them eat the meat

The virgin flower
The dark prowler
Young girls
Cheap thrills

The money slots
Cheater's plots
The back table
It's gonna be a fable

Your problem, a lust
As I go, a must
Here the sounds
There won't be any frowns

It's America's pearl
Big Mac will hurl
It's a wanker's dream
Nobodys a team

It's play money
Will you be my honey?
It's a looser's luck
Do you wanna fuck?

It's white man's riches
Full of bitches
It's a wife beater
Whos gonna be a cheater?

It's god's hand
West of Graceland
The boy's first
The drunk's thirst

The women lost
How about a frost?
The women strut
The doors shut

Hairy man
Rack of lamb
Gourmet meal
Dolphin & seal

Hotel tower
Couple in the shower
I'm gonna make dough
I'm not gonna go

We'll get wed
I'll get head
She'll get laid
I'll get a maid

It's America's wonder
Come on under
It's everyone's depression
A lasting impression

It's America cheese
People on their knees
In all its glory
Cheese of fury

It's Vegas

 1997 David Greg Harth