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Last Night
She was dancing infront of me
Up above my shoulders
On the table before me
Scattered with wine and glitter dust

Her tight white pants
Snugged her clean shaven legs
She grinded her waist
Before my blue eyes

She moaned all night
Sexy she was
I couldnąt help
But get harder and harder

I noticed her daisy flowers
Her breasts bare underneath
With the music playing
And the warm candles burning

She leaned into me
On her 57th street flat
We kissed and dove
And I was joined with Romeo

Embraced and kissed
Feel of a thigh
My fingers glided up and down
Around her navel and in her hair

Bodies pressed against eachother
Her nipples stiff in my mouth
I lead her to the bed
Cascaded in gold and ravishing cream

Until late hours of midmorning
After four bottles of wine
Devouring the sex
Until the next night

The silver was all over me now
She and I lay in the nude
With the breeze over us
Laying still watching her

I traced her contour with my finger
Around her insides as she slept
The morning sun penetrated the room
Now whitely lit with a taste of mint

I rise out of bed
With my imagination in place
Step to the sink and splash my face with water
And I awake once more from my dream

© 1999 David Greg Harth @ 296
New York City