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Another Kind Of Water
Traveling around the world
Launching my ship upon the ocean
With my largest sails unfurled

Searching for the epicenter
Embarking on the greatest journey
Wishing to meet the predecessor inventor

No anchor available for use
Rolls of braided twine in stow
Lover on mast above in a tightly gripped noose

She exclaimed my name
The winds savagely shook thy vessel
In vein she preached and blew out our flame

Disappearing into the ghostly past
Our love was only an ignis fatuus
It was my heart which was harassed

I became the suitor of lies
On these seas of despair truths will unfold
The echoes inside send shattering cries

One voyager now vanished
Shipwrecked on waves of salt
I am in this wasteland forever banished

 2012 David Greg Harth