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The Laughter Of Life
This is my life
Find the humor

I was defense
I marched in parades

I drive over the speed limit
With a great big smile
Knowing shes at my side

This is my life
The one who I want
She does not give a damn
The one who wants me
I hate
The one I need
Doesnt exist

I spend dollars on art
Because I need too

To prevent lovers from hating eachother
No one understands
The thin line
Of an artists life

Sometimes I wish
Other times I seek
Sometimes I wait
Other times I fall

But all in all
It's a mystery

They think I want
A beauty queen
An art freak
A lover
A human

I get more romance
With my cat
And the moon

Then I do with
Or a paintbrush

They think I need a shoulder
To cry upon

I offer my shoulder
For all of you

I've been ticketed
I've been in jail
I've been an exhibitionist
I've been in love
I've been rescued
I've been hurt
I've been afloat
I've been flying
I've been under water
I've been upside down
I've been fetal
I've been dancing
I've been going down
I've been returned
I've been burned
I've been sucked
I've been forgotten
I've been mailed
I've been lost
I've been sleeping
I've been wanted
I've been yours

I've been laughed at
I've laughed with
I'm a laugher
Come feel ridiculous with me...

 1998 David Greg Harth Bermuda