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Legend of a Man
Year 3975,
After the war of the Americas
After the small nuclear accidents
After the continental plates shifted once more
And the newly Gondwana has formed,
Being named Euroecalia.

People across the land
The metropolitan gothams,
And fresh dairy farms, vegetable farms, and organic farms,
Across the plantations of wheat, corn, and soy.
Across the salt seas and lava rocks and urban communities.

They would talk and tell the tale,
The great story
They would call that story,
"Legend of a Man"

Most people knew of the man.
Who the man was.
The years he was living
In the late 20th century and early 21st century.

Doctors still study his childhood illness.
Still a mystery today.
Many professors teach their young art students
About the work of this man.
Many religious leaders share their thoughts
On this great man,
And his power to bring people together,
For his stand against religion
And for his stand in the belief of the human race.
Many poets still write about
His powerful sensuality and sexuality
And most importantly,
His love.

In his 45th year
Doctors performing a triple bypass
Like that of his father
And his grandfather
They discovered the vacancy
The emptiness
Like never before

The man had an abnormal heart
A heart with standard four chambers
Two ventricles and two atriums
However his heart only allowed love
To be given and not received
They noticed the radiating love
Like ghostly mirages of water in the desert
Pouring out from his heart

They concluded then
This was a clear scientific reason
Why the man could never fall in love
Why he constantly would ache to be in love
And why he could never actually be in love

So the legend continues
Of the man who changed art
Of the man who changed religion
Of the man who changed the world
Of the man who changed love

Legend of a Man
A man at the age of One Hundred
Early last millennium
After 100 years of never being in love
To his heart he took a blade
And died of a broken heart
Of never being in love

That is the Legend of a Man.

 2005 David Greg Harth