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I'm a liar
A vicious liar
I lie in cycles
Never coming out

I lied about my virginity
I lied about how many people Ičve slept with

I lied about how old I am
I lied about who I was

I lied about my love for you
I lied about my sexuality

I lied about my history
I lied about my wishes

I lied in that poem
I lied in that painting

I lied when I spoke to you
I lied when I made love to you

I lied when I hugged you
I lied when I killed you

I lied about the secret
I lied about the truth

I lied about masturbation
I lied about breaking glass

I lied when I said I enjoyed you
I lied when I whispered in your ear

I lied when I kissed you
I lied when I fell behind

I lied to my mother
I lied to my father

I lied to my friend
I lied to my lover

I'm a liar
A fuckin liar
Nothing but a liar
A low, selfish liar
A fuckin liar
A Liar.

© 2000 David Greg Harth