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A Life Of Listening (The Beauty Of Passion #1)
Do you hear me?
As I plead guilty?
To the crimes I did not commit?

To the suicide of the others?
To the love I was denied?
Do you hear me?

I tear out my tongue and twist it around
I long for your dreams
And put power into your soul
I eat at my own flesh
To hear your own pain

I live for your feelings
To comfort your life
Do you hear me?
As I cry myself to sleep
To deal with the pain

To survive from the hell
And bring dead to the graves?
Do you hear me?
As I press a stake through my heart
And pound at my feelings

I last a short while
As long as you want
I last the longest time
The day of your life

Do you hear me?
As I call upon your mother and father?
As I sit beside you at your lonesome night?
As I stroke your hair
And caress your face?

As I take care of you
Nurse you to the life you had
To the gift you are
To the one I dedicate my life to
To the one I burned for
Died for
Decomposed for?

Do you hear me?
As I yell in sheer agony?
As nails of love puncture my dreams?
To the one I have not forgotten
To the one I will forgive
For I have sinned
Take me now.

 1997 David Greg Harth