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Lifted (Version 2)
She danced with me
She lifted me
Filled me with spirits
She made me see god
She made me feel god

She lifted me
High above the ocean
Across plains
And Holy seas

Above the ground
The dirt
And the stock
Above the flowerbeds
The grains
And the steam ships

She lifted me
To points untaken

She lifted me
To visit with god
She surrounded me
With sunlight
And cathedral walls

She lifted me
Took me down on my knees
She lifted me
And pulled me back up to my place

Took me across the rivers
Under Country palaces and rolling walls
Under African skies and Buffalo roams
Under Hebrew sukkots and Japanese Temples

She lifted me
High above the earth
And never let me down
Never let me go

I am here
Right next to god
And I've got you over my knee.

 2001 David Greg Harth NYC