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Lights On In The Distance
Crawling out of the accident
Trying to make my way
I need some help
Some assistance
Without it, I think I'll die

There is nothing around me
My car rolled down the hill
Tossed a few times
Into the river's edge
I'm lucky to be alive

And fish spawning in the river
Rocks beneath me
Pebbles in my shoes
And leaves falling from the trees

A recent rain had passed
I'm crawling
I need help
Darkness is caving in
Coming in quickly
Soon will be night
And I'll be out of day

I'm searching
For help
For some kind of lend
A hand
Some hope
I'm crawling to find my hero
Someone to rescue
Someone to heal

I'm crawling out of the accident
Up the steep hill
Away from this cold river
Away from the fish
And the rocks
Pebbles in my shoes

I'm cut
I'm bruised
I'm constricted
I'm tight
I'm light-headed 
I'm dreaming
I'm parched
My tongue and lips are so dry
I'm crawling
I'm crawling out of the accident
I see a light on in the distance

 2011 David Greg Harth