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Lilly Loves Death, Destruction, Decay and Torture!
Like she hasn't had enough
Building those buildings
Torturevilles for yuppies and their puppies
Making ice cream Pei sandwiches and mint tea

Like she likes to see your screams and hear your blood dripping
Witness your pain and cause your death
Place smelly cheese behind your ears, chocolate at your feet
Going across ocean's divide to find family pride

Like she begs to have your sugar
Knowing religion may or may not
Such a sweet girl
You would never know how much destruction
She has inside

Declare your innocence, it will not help
Cancel your credit, hide behind the walls
Duck in the shadows, come in camouflage
You can't hide and you have everything to fear

She is the Queen
Hail to her
For she is a lover
A lover of
Death, Destruction, Decay, and Torture!

 2009 David Greg Harth