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The Lion & The Blue Man
He died today
They wanted to shoot him
That Anthony man

She took photos
Remembered the scene
For later poetry

She defined love
He painted a picture
The winter breeze
Passed the sirens galore

He died that day
Obesity set in
And the womyn
No performance of CPR

She carried a cane
And two weighed bags
She smiled at me
And retreated to the sea

A scent of chaos
Sitting beside a lion tonight
A mosaic of utopia
Last night's St. Jude

Bloted man
Down the aisle
Shifting feet

Let us plea for life
An english accent
A lesbian lover

A line cutter
And a 3 some
4,5,6 trooper
Jerry curl at front

Go out for a ciggie
Wish it was for a shag
Go out for a rescue
Shove through the glass

Let's all move on
As the dead are dying
Let's all move on
We have to illustrate

Then the life is shortened
A distant fighter
A right hook
To the jaw; to the gut
Deep down inside

The man in blue
His flesh tone of cobalt
The cold man
With a Hong Kong's 137

He died that day
Back in the center

 1997 David Greg Harth