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I phoned you, but you didn't answer.
You didn't even bother to answer the phone.

I phoned you every hour on the hour,

You didn't pick up
You just let it ring, ring, ring.
I must have awakened your neighbors
I must have made your sink overflow
I must have made the faucet,

The phone went

I went to bed
I overslept
Put the pillow over my head
And got a bit wet

She's getting married today
But you wouldnt know
You don't even care
You don't give a shit
A rat's ass
A New York City tail!

I phoned you yesterday
Over and over again
But you didn't pick up
And you did not answer
You didn't leave house
And you did not palm your thoughts

I phoned you all day
 you went to shop
I went to stone
 you went to flower
And I got nothing for the hol-iday

You came knocking at my door

Nothing there
Nobody home
Went fishing
Gone fishing
Out to lunch
Be back in five

You came knocking at my door
Thought I was not alone
But you only found a silly throne
A stupid piece of leftover
A fish of surprise
No one else, just a jar of fat
A jar of fat

I won't go back today
I didn't come here to go back
Don't take me back to the countryside
I won't go back to the westside

The phone rang
High pitched scream
You don't know what I mean?
But you just swallow and pretend

I phoned you
All day yesterday
You didn't have the guts
You didn't even have the balls
You just let it go -
Nobody home ....

 2001 David Greg Harth