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Little Bird & Big Bear
And the Little Bird said "No, don't do it!"

But the Big Bear said "I have to do it, the pain is too much, I'm in too
much pain."

The Little Bird continued with "No, don't. The Owl loves you. All of our
friends love you. The Deer, The Squirrel, even the Bat loves you."

But the Big Bear only insisted, "I must do it, I have to, the pain is too

In a convincing voice, the Little Bird tries desperately to talk to the Big
Bear, "But Big Bear, surely there must be another way to rid yourelf of
such horrible pain? Why not talk to me, talk to your friend the Owl, he is
so wise. Talk to your friend the Woodchuck or the Woodpecker. Let us help
you solve your pain, wont you?"

The Big Bear only became furious and argumentative, "I am in so much pain.
You can not perceive the amount of pain I am in. The pain is horrifying,
tormenting, and extremely difficult to comprehend!"

But Little Bird, continued with a calm voice, "Big Bear, you must trust me,
you must remain calm, we will work together and get you out of this pain."

Now Big Bear is even more angry, with a furocious roar, "I will eat you
alive Little Bird, I will eat you alive! You just flutter on by with flying
wings. Free to go there and free to go here. Your friends can try all they
want, even the Elk or the mighty Mountain Lion. I will not budge, I will
not change. I have to rid myself of this pain, and I have to do it today!"

Little Bird stunned that his lifetime friend is violently twisting in his
position and is so argumentative. He doesnt know what to do. Little Bird is
stunned and surprised. He flys to all the other animals. The Owl, The
Squirrel, The Deer, The Bat, The Woodchuck, The Woodpecker, The Elk, and
even the Mountain Lion! He flys to them for help. Little Bird gathers all
the animals around the Big Bear, in hopes to convince him that his pain
will receed. As they gather around, they hear a loud bang. A huge bang! An
amazing BANG! The Big Bear drops to his side. To the ground of the forest.
The dirty leaves. No longer in pain. The Big Bear is dead, and the hunters
take him away.

 2001 David Greg Harth