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The Lonely Corpse
The lonely corpse sits on the sidewalk
Half distant and half personal
The corpse was once so full of life
He was a sparkled gem to some
An artist to others
To some, he was "David"
To others, he was "Harth"
Right now he is an investigation
Surrounded by yellow tape
Blue and white cars
And numerous gawking pedestrians
Strangers taking mobile phone photographs
To be distributed through the internets
To numerous other strangers
It went so quickly
So far down
That last end
But now at least he's not alone
Now he is famous
In printed media and tomorrow's daily news
Online reports and tourist's digital media cards
He is history now
A memory to some
An enemy to others
A once lover to some
And now he is just a corpse
A corpse on a sidewalk

 2012 David Greg Harth