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Looking for Love
Im looking for love
In all the wrong places

I look under rocks
And between sheets

I look far beyond states
And travel to different cities

I look in the papers and magazines
I look on the televison and
Pay attention to the ra-dio

I look at the park
And in elevators

I look below me and infront
I look on the street
And in taxi cabs too
I look on airplanes, trains, and busess

I look with fever
Hands held out
I look with money pocketed
And lust trapped in heart

I look with eyes
Never set upon
And look with a tonuge
That never tasted love

Im looking for love
In all the wrong places
Or maybe Im just in the wrong place
Looking for Love

 1998 David Greg Harth

The poem above is part of a two-part poem.
It's partner poem is "Waiting For Love." 
Find the poem here.
Always read them together,
but each poem does survive by itself.
Even though each poem can live independently,
they cannot be read without its partner poem.