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Love (#5.2)
I am no rockstar
And I am not a musician
There are no instruments that I can play
But I will take my poetry
And whisper in your ear gently

I am no actor
And I am not famous to the crowds
There are no films with my personality
But I will cradle you in our own private hollywood
And we will ignite our flames as much as we should

I am no athlete
And I am not a child's hero
There are no advertisements endorsed with my image
But I will create my own art for you
And wish to see you in our glowing hue

I am no politician
And I am not head of state
There are no monuments in my name
But I will follow our path as it turns
And witness the desire as it burns

I am no model
And I am not bulit like a strong-man
There are no magazines that have my physique
But I will work on the strengths I bare
And show you how much I care

I am no doctor
And I am not an expert in saving
There are no medical miracles performed by me
But I will be at your side
And give you all the love I can provide

I am no science engineer
And I am not a winner of genius awards
There are no students under my arm
But I will construct a bridge across sea and land
And always be willing and wanting to hold your hand

I am me
And thats all Ill ever be
There are only truths and warmths that
Hide behind my blue eyes
And thats the best Me I can offer
For my love

 2000 David Greg Harth