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Love (#10)
You shaved my eyebrows
And you shaved the hair under my arms

You put a razor to my chin and shaved my stuble off
Not a hair grows on my face or behind my ears

You shaved the dirty blonde hair on top of my head
And down the back of my neck so its now smooth

You shaved the hair that surrounds my nipples
And the hair on my chest down to my navel

You shaved the hair that leads from my navel
Down between my legs inbetween my thighs

You shaved the hair on my testicles and around my penis
Around the shaft and around the sack

You shaved all my hair on both of my legs
From bony ankles to hairy thighs

You shaved the hair on my back and on my buttocks
And the hair above my upper lip

You shaved me completely
And now I am smooth, hairless, free,
And that is why I love you.

 2001 David Greg Harth