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Love (#13)
It's 9 O'Clock in the morning
I just poured the tea
From my corner kitchen view
I see you rising from the bed of white

My heart beats loudly today
I know I'm in love
Ive never felt anything quite like this before
Nothing so powerful, so overwhelming, so unique, so strong

I have warm chills throughout my body
Making me thirst to be with you constantly
And hungry for the surface of your skin
Inspired by your thoughts and kindness

The world is good to me today
Bright, happy, dandy, jolly
Because I am with you now
And you make my world a much better place to live in

Without you I live under a dark cloud
With you I am together and true and filled with smiles
I paint black self-portraits when you are not around
I rediscover who I am and learn about life when I am with you

You make me want to be a better person
Never knew I believed in Love, but your existence proved it to me
The feeling is so extraordinary
Unbelievable, beyond my human comprehension

You are the angel I have always dreamed about
Beautiful and intelligent
You are beyond the greatest fantasy
True in every way

You are the meaning to the lyrics of all my favorite songs
Sexy and challenging
You are a gift I will cherish for eternity
Real in my previously unreal world

Thankyou for loving me
Thankyou for everything
I love you

 2002 David Greg Harth