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Apt. #5
It was a hot summer night
My window was wide open
I heard the people fucking in the apartment above me
Apartment Number Five
I heard them panting
The bed moving and banging
I heard the woman moaning
Short and lengthy little silent screams
I heard the jolts and the pleasures
Through the New York City screen window
I heard him fuck her through the walls and ceilings
Hard pounding at times

I got so turned on
Hearing them fuck
I brought out my collection of porn magazines
I spread them all out
A territory, a shrine of porn
All around lace, leather, and naked nice
I still heard the fucking in Apt. #5

I stroked my own cock
As I heard them fuck
Matching the rhythm
Hearing their moans and penetrations
Wet and hard
Over and over
I penetrated my own clenched fist
And when she orgasmed with an "Ouch"
I came all over myself
My fingers
With hot, sticky, white, flowing cum

 2000 David Greg Harth @ 296 NYC