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Love (#17)
I can not tell you how much I hurt.
How much I ache.
An amount beyond all amounts.
My stomach is still churning.
Around itself, turning inside and out.
My heart is bleeding. My eyes are crying.
Just when you have a moment,
Just when you believe in something so strongly.
Its taken away
And you are left bare and stripped
Of everything you've got

When you are about to accept
When you are about to believe
When you are about to contradict everything you've said
For the past dozens of years.

Just when you are about to accept
About to admit
That you believe in the impossible
The possibility that love does
Indeed exist
That love is so overwhelming
So special, so unique, so real

Just when its about to occur,
You are stabbed in the heart
With a stake that will stay put for years
And your wounds will never heal
For the dozens of years yet to come
You've returned to your initial belief
That love does not exist

 2004 David Greg Harth