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Love (#18)
She twisted my soul in pieces.
Parts broken on the hard wood floor.
Her dog licked my fingers,
And I licked her cat.

I was about to admit,
Try something new,
Something toned.
I rang the bells,
and heaven answered.

She lured me in,
with her beauty dance
and smile.
All I could do was go forth
And walk across the water.

I was about to become,
One for some.
She was winning my heart
And she captured much more.
Every day a thought.
Race gone by.

She slept at my side.
A cool breeze lifted.
Sheets above her thigh.
My mind intensified.
The world came to peace.

My grandfather asks again.
I was prepared to tell him,
that I have stopped,
and no longer need
to see.

She awakened my senses.
Most of all, she began,
to occupy my heart.

No fear is near.
On the field,
or in the kitchen.
For my heart does not belong
to her.

My heart belongs
To January.
for it is January that
I am not over,
but could have been.

I am in love.
In love with you.

 2005 David Greg Harth