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Love Will Tear Us Apart
Love will tear us apart.
Because I'm built that way.
Because of the walls that are built around
The moats, the chains, the bounding mortar
This brick, that stone, the coldness of my dead heart.

Love will tear us apart.
I hardly even know you
You don't even know me
My words are repeated
I can duplicate my own poetry
I can listen to words that musicians sing

Love will tear us apart.
You don't read my art
You don't see my art.
You havent looked under my bed lately?
To see the dark portraits?
The mirror no longer reflects
Every day I puncture myself
With the taste of tears
And the taste of my pain
Of the dying on Park Terrace West
And the love in Arlington Graves

But you think Id make a good C.E.O.
But you don't think Id be a beat
Or be the next, but I've met Rauschenberg
And I've met Glenn and I've met Ali

Love will tear us apart.
Because I don't own you
And youd only kill me if you were with me every day
Or youd kill my only child
Son and daughter
Or yourself
Upon your lovely death bed
But Ill hold your hand
Until you die
Or until we part.

 2001 David Greg Harth