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Lover Boy
I must have been about 11 years old.
Not really sure.
I was with my family in Wild Wood NJ.
We stayed at the same hotel each time we went.
We were more south than the popular area of Wild Wood.
I guess, we were more in Wild Wood Crest.
It was quiet, calm; more peaceful.

We stayed at the Crusader Inn.
I remember an armored knight being in the lobby.
And of course a gift shop, with the same stuff that all gift shops had.
The 2nd floor was the best, because that was pool level.
It might have also had the arcade.
I wasnt big on games, but it provided mild entertainment.
Although, I don't think I ever went?
Sometimes we would get a suite facing the street.
Other times we would be beach front.
We would always get a room with two rooms, one for the parents, one for the kids.
And with a kitchenette too.

Even at a young age, some can define me as a "Lover Boy"
In nursery school I had a school-bus-yellow T-shirt, with a glittery iron-on patch that said "Lover Boy"
I still have that shirt someplace (although it doesnt fit)

Anyway -
I remember loving the sunset.
I've even talked about it in previous poems.
And in fact, talked about this same moment that I will begin talking about once again.
It was early evening, sunset.
My sister, who is older than myself, was involved with someone.
There was this one song that reminded my sister of her boyfriend.
This influenced me.
I adapted this song for myself.
For my own reminder.
Only, I didnąt have a significant other.

However, this one moment, this is a moment that sticks with me forever.
The song, the sunset, remember hearing the song over the loud speaker at the pool.
The lights lit up the pool in the early darkness.
I could feel a slight warm salty breeze against my skin.
The sunset was beautiful with oranges and pinks and violet.
This was the moment.
The moment that lasts forever.
Which made me realize.
That my lover is out there.
And, I'll spend eternity searching for the right person.
Who may be in India or England, or even Argentina or the United States.

© 2002 David Greg Harth