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Lush, Bizarre Musings, and Brain Spillage
Damn, you are diligent about transportation safety ... I've gotta take some
tips from you !  I just retain this stuff because my mother raised me with
the belief that death was just around the corner in the form of an accident,
a germ, a pervert ... everywhere you looked in my childhood the grim reaper
was flapping his leathery wings.  Actually, the hoof-and-mouth drama in
Britain offered bittersweet nostalgia for me and my siblings ...  sweet
because it brought back remembrances of Mom warning us that we'd get it if
our lips touched the spout on a water fountain ... bitter because I
discovered her abject lie that humans can't get it !  First Santa Claus,
then hoof-and-mouth ... where does the deception end ?

 2001 David Greg Harth @ 296 NYC